blended family

Is your blended family not “blending: as well as you hoped?

Feel like your step kids hate you?

Feel like your husband just does not understand ¬†how you are feeling because “you now what you signed up for?”

Is your new role as a mother not as easy of a transition that you were looking for?

Is your toddler sucking all your energy out of your body?

Girl, I have been there!

What if I told you there is light at the end of the tunnel? That you will not be crying in the closet anymore because you feel like you are in over your head?

That it is ok that your kids drive you crazy because we know you love those little turds.

That feeling of not knowing where you belong in your own family will be a thought of the past? (Because, well blended families are tough!)

Well believe it girl! Sit back, grab some coffee and I am going to tell my story.

I am Bailey Nadine, I help fellow step mamas break the negative stigma society has placed on us and help them find their power so they now long feel like the third wheel in their own house.

I help new moms find their groove with their new role as a mother. It is a role that can fill your heart with so much joy one second and wonder if you should take up drinking the next.

I am a second wife, step mom of two and mom of one. I write about my ups and downs of being part of a blended family and navigating my way through motherhood like a boss babe. I relate all of my experiences to the lessons I have learned to help people who are dealing with the same issues.

Let’s start your journey to becoming the most bad ass mom, step mom and wife you are meant to be!